Luisa Greenfield is a visual artist working predominantly in video and often in collaboration with sound artists. Her grounding in painting, theater and a keen interest in film history inform her video projects and have led her to create visual essays that analyze the material and function of filmic phenomenon. In her work, new forms of narrative are developed through looking at the interconnected elements of documentary and fiction inherent to the visual essay. She considers the visual essay a form of thought where she draws connections between her video projects and essay writing.

Ms. Greenfield’s artwork and essays have been presented and screened internationally in galleries, conferences and video art festivals. She received a BFA in from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles with a focus in painting and drawing and an MFA from American University where she studied in Washington DC and Rome, Italy.

Over the years, she has worked as a set decorator for photography, film and theater projects, later working in theater costume design. She has taught visual art, film and writing courses at the university level in the US and Europe, often designing courses that combine students from varied disciplines such as architecture and new media studies.

Fiscally sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society, Ms. Greenfield has also received grants from The Puffin Foundation, The Arizona Humanities Council, a Mellon Grant and also a Fulbright Fellowship for filmmaking in Berlin. She has recently participated in artist residencies at the Banff Centre in Canada and the Valand School of Fine Arts in Sweden, as well as co-coordinating the Artistic Research group, Nordic Summer University (NSU).

Luisa Greenfield lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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