April 3, 2017 Meeting Kayla Parker

On April 3, I met with Kayla Parker at Plymouth University and we had a stimulating conversation about the Future Imperfect conference and the Moving Image Arts group that she and Anya founded. We also ways to interweave alternative forms of writing with image-based material. We discussed alternatives to standard presentation styles and modes and also filmmakers Babette Mangolte who I knew at UCSD including her works The Sky on Location from 1982 and her poetic interweaving of voices. I mentioned a film of hers I had seen at UCSD called Water Motor from 1978 where she filmed Trish Brown dancing. Kayla also mentioned films by Jem Cohen’s Lost Book Found, 1996 (re. Benjamin) and We have an anchor, 2012 and Museum Hours, 2012. Also Anthony McCall and his work with light and smoke. Turns out he’ll be in Berlin April 27-30 at KW. We also discussed allotment gardens and I mentioned Fukuoka’s excellent book, The One-Straw Revolution, which I thought she’d enjoy.




Pause: Anthony McCall Line Describing a Cone