2017 Winter Residency NYC presentation

Winter Presentations & Critiques

Elizabeth Foundation NYC


Everyone will have a 45-minute slot to present and receive feedback on their work during the winter residency. Everyone is expected to attend all presentations.

The structure follows the form: approx. 15 minutes presentation followed by 30-minute feedback.

In contrast to your presentation during the summer, this should be a mid-stream process presentation where you hang and present physical work in conjunction with your research, mid-way through the year-long project process. It is not as important to review previous work in this presentation unless it is crucial to this point in your current process.

Your presentation should include a contextualization of your own practice vis-à-vis a discussion of 3-5 artists whose work has influenced you.

There is an exhibition space where you can install physical work (floor plan) and a presentation room where you can project your documentation while discussing the work and research.

Everyone needs to bring their presentation on a USB. All presentations will be run from the Transart Macbook Air. Don’t forget to check that your presentation works by testing on someone else’s computer well ahead of your presentation time.

Please limit your video time to no more than 5 minutes during your presentation.

Don’t show type that is too small for your audience to read. If you do show type as part of your presentation, make sure you leave it on screen long enough for everyone to read it.

Everyone is expected to review fellow students’ blogs before their presentations. You can find links to everyone’s blogs in the student directory. If you have work that you specifically want people to review, please add a clear link at the top of your blog before the residency. Label it “Winter Critique: Material to Review”

During feedback, the group will offer critique, ideas, and advice for your project, as well as suggestions for texts, films and other resources. You can choose to close your presentation by asking specific questions of the group to focus their feedback and reference suggestions, or by simply opening the floor. Please keep responses brief so there is time to hear from everyone.

Everyone’s presence is required at every winter residency per PU regulation unless you have an approved Extension Form. With an approved request you will be assigned another student to exchange skype presentation and critique with and attend an event i.e. lecture, exhibition, etc. related to your project.  A 500-word response to each event is due on your blog at the end of the residency.

Presence or participation by Skype in any form is not an option. The only exception to this is for advisors to observe (but not participate) in student presentations. Students who wish their advisors to view their presentations will organize this in advance and be responsible for the setup and call.