Song Books


Song Books (Solos for Voice 3–92) is a collection of 90 short works by John Cage composed in 1970. As stated in the general directions of the score:

Each solo belongs to one of four categories: 1) song; 2) song using electronics; 3) theatre; 4) theatre using electronics.  Each is relevant or irrelevant to the subject: “We connect Satie with Thoreau.” Given a total performance time-length, each singer may make a program that will fill it.

Given two or more singers, each should make an independent program, not fitted or related in a predetermined way to anyone else’s program. Any resultant silence in a program is not to be feared. Simply perform as you had decided to, before you knew what would happen.

Commissioned and performed by: Reinhold Friedl
Sound: Rashad Becker
Video: Filipa Raposo and Luisa Greenfield

Seen here: Song Books 15, 85, 24, 42, 43, 54, 82, 80

This project will remain unfinished.